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A Kiss on the Hand: Essence Sparkle and Sand Effect Nail Polish Review

on September 27, 2013

Today I want to talk about the latest nail polishes by Essence: the ones with sparkle and sand effect.

I bought this type of nail polish in two colors:

I tried out both of them. About two weeks back I gave the black one the first try and I can only say I love it. It dries really quick and covers up almost perfectly after just one coat. The surface is quite rough even after putting on a top coat. At first I wasn’t too fond of that but then I realised that it brings several advantages. Should you have problems with putting on the coat perfectly even you will love these nail polishes. Because of the texture you don’t see any mess-ups. Furthermore you can’t see any marks that touching the polish before it is dry could cause.
And now comes the best part: These polishes are super duper long lasting. Even after a week the black one looked like I had just put it on. It wasn’t splattering and due to the uneven surface and the contained glitter it doesn’t go dull. I often have the problem that my nail polish loses its shine when it comes in contact with my make-up remover but not this one. It also survives the contact with hot water without any damage. When I took it off it wasn’t because the polish was already coming off (like it is with most polishes) but because I ran out of clothes that match the nail polish color.
At first I was worried that it might be difficult to get off as it contains a lot of glitter and has a pretty rough surface but it wasn’t any more trouble than a normal glitter nail polish. (But I definitely recommend putting on a base coat first!)

156 "me and my lover" in action

156 “me and my lover” in action

When I saw the polish I also had second thoughts about the amount of glitter. But it turns out both of the colors are not too flashy and also wearable in day time.

I can only recommend the sparkle and sand effect nail polishes by essence. The price is great and the quality aswell. It looks lovely, dries fast and last ultra-long. I hope the range of these polishes will be extended soon.

If you already tried them out aswell leave me a comment and tell me if you are as excited about them as me. Or has my review inspired you to buy them? Let me know if you like these polishes! =)


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